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One sitting degree : A perfect approach to grow

Distance education is the medium where you get your education accomplished with the help of e-courses and internet technologies. The growth of distance education has not been easy. After facing a lot of challenges, now with the emerging digital era, it has also made a strong impact with the help of technologies and social mediums. Earlier it was assumed that students accessing education through distance mode were not able to interact with their teachers, but nowadays this is not the case. The Internet has the solution for each and every difficulty being faced by distance mode of education.

A student wants to achieve higher education in order to have a bright career. After completing their undergraduate degree, they opt for higher studies either via distance mode or via traditional mode.

It becomes really tough to get the job of your choice when you don’t have your educational degree. The reason could be anything such as gap in your studies, financially weak conditions and so on. Some students consider the job oriented short term or diploma courses so as they can rapidly build their career and can stand on their own feet.

We think to decide our career path in our own terms but who knows the circumstances may change where you quit your education.Then don’t worry choose a single sitting degree in order to fulfill your dreams and build your career.

Can you complete your graduation in a year?The answer will be yes.You can complete your graduation through one sitting degree.

A single sitting degree or one sitting degree is a program in India which will allow the students to condense a three- year bachelor’s degree program in one year of Study. At the end of course study, the students complete all the exams in a single sitting.Hence we call it as a single sitting degree or one sitting degree.

Today, We are going to share our views on whether one sitting degree is good or bad.

The advantage of one sitting degree is that the student doesn’t require to visit the University/college on regular basis. You can get one sitting degree from any part of the world.  It will increase the confidence in the students after completing any degree course which increases the working capacity of the students. The idea behind the single sitting degree also called as fast-track course is to help students/youth who left out their studies after 12th or discontinued their graduation.

Now Save your Gap Years & Get your  Degree in single Sitting through fast-track mode in India. Now the  Students can save their time of 2 or 3 Years by one sitting degree who have discontinued their study after 12th or Graduation. To solve these problems university has come up with fast track course/one sitting degree.

In India due to financial constraints, students drop studies to earn money. This one sitting program help you to complete your degree in a year and help you to build your career. The cost which you spend to get your single sitting degree will be less than your regular degree. Today the current competitive world requires at least a graduation degree or else no employer will give you a job. Many companies don’t consider that whether you have done your degree on a regular basis or single sitting course it is only your skills set and operational mindset that will help you to survive.

‘Knowledge is the power’.The importance of education cannot be denied. The student will be awarded Degree after successful completion of the course which is valid. After completing this course a candidate can get the jobs in any government as well as private sector. We can tell it’s a Golden opportunity for those who have discontinued or failed during their Degree can now complete their Degree in One Sitting which will help for their Promotions, Employment & Higher Studies.


Sometimes, you might have a thought that distance mode of education is not good for you, but circumstances might let you think about it. Maybe one sitting degree is not good for those who just want to study. but when you want to work as well as study, or you have gaps in your education, one sitting degree courses are the best thing you can go for with distance education universities.

What’s your thought on this? Do share with us.





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