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Ph.D. – How & Why

The Ph.D. level course is one amongst the most priced degrees not only in India but also abroad. As this course will provide individuals with most stable base required to help them in their respective career, the Ph.D. degree can be considered to be a good qualification in the career graph. This is because: it points the candidates to the right direction. Most Indian universities offer students with Ph.D. program.

As there are numerous specializations available, students are free to choose any field they wish. The duration of Ph.D. course for full time students is maxi-mum 6 years and minimum 3 years. The time period of the Ph.D. program for part time students is minimum 4 years and maximum 6 years.

To get a Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) degree, students need to work hard and invest a lot of time in Research. The qualification needed by a person to pursue this advanced level of education is a Masters in Philosophy (M.Phil.) before commencing the Ph.D. For admittance into the Ph.D. course, it is required for all aspirants to qualify in any of the national level examinations such as the prestigious National Eligibility Test (Lectureship). This examination is carried out by the University Grants Commission (UGC).



 You need to have Masters level education in relevant (to the proposed subject of research for Ph.D.) subject. Some institutes/universities allow exception to this rule for engineers and doctors (for them B.E. B. Tech or M.B.B.S. is enough)


Now according to new UGC rules coming into force from 2009, you need to clear some sort of entrance exam/interview (whether it is NET or some other exam) for getting admitted to Ph.D. program.


After getting admitted to Ph.D. program you need to complete some course work for requisite credits For getting “registered” for Ph.D. at university you need 

Types of Ph.D. Programs

Normally there are 4 types of Ph.D. programs approved by the university grants commission of India. They are as follows:

Steps of Ph.D. Programs

The role of a supervisor: Essential for making progress

Types of Ph.D.

Ph.D. by Streams

Step by Step Process

The detailed step by step Ph.D. academic process as per UGC rule 2016 :

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